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     Those on the Ontario Disability Support Plan, better known as ODSP, are left relatively vulnerable to unexpected financial burdens because of the limitations they face in being able to find sustainable employment that accommodates their special needs. Because of this, ODSP recipients may find their self, more often than others, looking for some sort of short-term financial relief, when a financial emergency hits, because of the recipient’s relatively limited earning potential. ODSP payments may be too meager to address life’s necessities on their own; and when an unexpected cost arises, this situation could get worse. Don’t worry, though, Friendly Lender is here to help.

What Are ODSP Payday Loans?

     Friendly Lender is here to offer those seeking an ODSP payday loan solution, access to online loans up to $5,000. We gathered an industry leading network of online loan professionals that offer payday loan solutions, who accept ODSP for repayment. These online loan specialists provide those receiving ODSP, with an opportunity to secure an e-transfer loan “24 7”; giving them an opportunity to escape any financial mess they may find their self in when their ODSP payment is not enough: that’s an opportunity for ODSP recipients’ to get up to $5,000 deposited directly into their bank account; avoiding processing delays which may be associated with more conventional loan products; which, may we add, can be funded in as soon as 1 day! Our online loan professionals work fast because they want to ensure that any financial stress you are experiencing is relieved as soon as possible. This is why those on ODSP who are in search of a payday loan solution continually seek Friendly Lender for help. 

Online ODSP Loans in Ontario

     In Ontario, those who offer ODSP loans may differ as to how they evaluate loan applications. For example, Friendly Lender works with a still growing network of online loan professionals, some of whom do not perform credit checks. Instead, these types of lenders will look to see if an applicant’s income stream has the potential to cover the costs of issuing a loan; which is great news for those with bad credit and are in need of a payday loan solution, because an applicant’s credit history is not taken into consideration here. But, again, this is not a standard practice for lenders who offer ODSP payday loan solutions; and this is why Friendly Lender is the premier choice for ODSP loans. With one application ODSP recipients, regardless of credit history, can access lenders of all types, including those who perform no credit checks, for an online loan of up to $5,000. Friendly Lender is the friend you need for ODSP payday loan solutions.

ODSP Loans with E-Transfer

     Besides the generous $5,000 online loan maximum that we offer to those looking for an ODSP payday loan solution; e-transfer loan service, “24 7” is another shinning point that brings Friendly lender to the front of the competition when it comes to helping ODSP recipients find an online loan. The Friendly Lender online loan network is built around an industry leading security structure; and was designed to meet the regulatory compliances of the Canadian online loan industry. This safety, and sense of security is what keeps Friendly Lender ahead of its competition; not to mention the $5,000 online loan maximum that we offer to those on ODSP. And like we said before: we are fast! Our online loan network is so good at processing online loan requests — especially the ones who provide no credit check service — that it is not unusual for loaned money to be disbursed in as soon as 1 day of loan acceptance; that’s potentially $5,000 ready for you with practically no delay. Friendly Lender recognizes that those on ODSP who are looking for a payday loan solution are probably in need of money fast, given their compromised financial situation; so we want to see to it that those that we do help find an online loan get that money with minimal delay; and that is what e-transfer loans allow for. All this is why Friendly Lender offers access to e-transfer loans, “24 7” to those on ODSP.

Who is Eligible?