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     For those seeking convenience, and privacy, in their search for a payday loan solution, e-transfer loans are the answer for you. Friendly Lender is here to offer you access to e-transfer loans, “24/7”; and we take pride in serving those with bad credit. This great payday loan solution offers consumers the opportunity to discretely seek financial assistance in the comfort of their own home: no face-face time is necessary. What a great option!

*Application result will not effect your credit score

What are 24/7 E-Transfer Loans?

Who is Eligible?

     E-transfer loans offer customers the convenience of applying for, and receiving, loaned money without ever having to leave their home. Friendly Lender strives to offer this type of convenience to all its customers, and to help do this we established an e-transfer loan network that is comprised of multiple lenders, most of whom perform no credit checks, that can be accessed with the click of a button on our easy to navigate, and secure online loan application, in the comfort of their own home. Here, you will be given the opportunity to supply minimal information to apply for an e-transfer loan of up to $5,000; which we will then process immediately to give you a fast decision. Then, if your e-transfer loan application is approved and you accept it, that money will then be sent directly into your bank account. There is no need to leave your home at all; plus, any loaned money can be received in as soon as 1 day!

How Do E-Transfer Loans Work?

     When you apply for an e-transfer loan through Friendly Lender, our secure, and easy to navigate online application will require you to provide some basic information about yourself, like your birthday, and contact information, for example; but in addition to that, we will require that you provide us with information about your current source of regular income, and your banking information. These two pieces of information, specifically, allow the e-transfer loan specialists that we work with to evaluate, and disburse any loaned money. Friendly Lender’s e-transfer loan network consists of various lenders, most of whom perform no credit checks; so by submitting your payday information to them, you are allowing them to evaluate your potential to repay loaned money; which is great news for those who have bad credit, because a person’s credit history is not considered, in such a process. The banking information, then, allows the lender you accept to work with, the means to easily deposit your loaned money directly into your bank account; and this can be done in as soon as 1 day of loan acceptance.

How Much Can I Borrow with E-Transfer Loans?

     Through Friendly Lender, those with bad credit are offered the opportunity to apply for an e-transfer loan, “24/7”, for an amount between $100 and $5,000; and this generous range is open to everyone who applies, regardless of their credit history. Each of these lenders specialize in serving those with bad credit; and most of them perform no credit checks when they review a loan application; so if you are in need of a payday loan solution, look no further than Friendly Lender. With one application your request for up to $5,000 will be seen by multiple bad credit e-transfer loan specialists; giving those with bad credit an opportunity to seek financial relief when they need it most. Plus, any loaned money that is disbursed by them is encouraged to be used by the customer, as they like: neither we nor our e-transfer loan network will discriminate about how loaned money is used. Friendly Lender strives for customer comfort, and will continue to do so as we grow.

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Benefits to Online Lending

     When applying for an e-transfer payday loan solution through Friendly Lender you’ll notice that there are many benefits compared to conventional loan products. Here’s a list of some them:

  • Prompt application processing
  • A simplified application form
  • No faxing of documents
  • Immediate application decision
  • A secure loan application
  • “24/7” service
  • Money sent directly into your bank account

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