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     Friendly Lender’s emergency loans are geared specifically toward those who come across an unexpected financial problem where their current pay cheque does not cover those costs and their next pay day is too far away to pay their bills on time. Times like these can be stressful, and we and our trusted network of lending professionals recognize this; so we offer our emergency loans, “24/7”, for fast, easy access to service; regardless of your credit history.

*Does Not Affect Your Credit Score

Details About Emergency Loans

     The difference between an emergency loan and some other loan products is that it is focused on providing short-term financing without a restriction of use on the money loaned; offering funds in the range of $100 to $5,000. Some loan products may only allow the money issued to be directed to a specific purpose like a car, or mortgage payment, for example; but this may be unaccomodative to your financial situation where you are left with a large bill(s) to pay. Friendly Lender works with a network of trusted professional lenders that specialize in providing service to those with a bad credit history; and require no collateral when processing a loan application. We and our lending network strive to ensure that all our customers’ loan requests are met fast, regardless of what the money will be used for.

What You Can Use Your No-Credit-Check, No-Collateral E-Transfer Loan For

Qualifying for Emergency Loans Through Friendly Lender

     Friendly Lender’s online, emergency loan application process requires no collateral and may not require any form of credit check. What we will require you to provide us with is information regarding your current source of income, and your bank account information. When our specialized bad-credit lending network reviews your application, the pay information you provide them with from your current job will be used to evaluate your ability to pay back any loaned money; giving those with a bad credit history a better chance of gaining access to loaned money than if their credit report was used during this process. And, if any money is loaned to you, your banking information provides the opportunity for that money to be transferred directly into your bank account via e-transfer fast. Here is a list of information we will be asking of you:   

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact information
  • Your birthdate
  • The amount of money you want to borrow: from $100 to $5,000
  • Your banking information
  • Your employment information

Who is Eligible?

Approval Rates for Emergency Loans Through Friendly Lender

     Because the lenders that Friendly Lender works with do not operate like a traditional bank, in loaning money, they can be more accommodating to people in financially compromised positions: they do not necessarily rely on credit checks when they issue loans. For emergency loans specifically, lenders in our network will place significance on the potential that an applicant’s current income-stream will provide them with to repay loaned money: if our lenders can see a steady income-flow, a credit check may not be necessary. And if approved, our lenders will then see to a fast delivery of funds to you, through e-transfer in as soon as one day.

Repaying Your Emergency Loan

   One of the added conveniences that Friendly Lender offers to those who secure an emergency loan through us is that repayment is not required to be made in a lump-sum. Instead, our network of lending professionals will extend a period of time for you to do so; 90 days is typical but the time may increase in relation to the size of the loan issued. This allows you to more easily manage your finances, and lets you tend to your financial responsibilities in accordance with your own ability. Plus, if you decide you want to pay off the balance of your loan all at once, you will not be penalized for it, like with some other loan products. And, to make things even easier for you, our lenders accept all their payments digitally; so you can do so in the comfort, and privacy of your own home. 

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