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E-transfer bad credit loans through Friendly Lender offer those with a bad credit score an opportunity to obtain approval on an online loan, without the need to provide collateral. Our professional lending network, who is available “24/7” to meet your loan requests, work with your financial situation, working hard to get you the money you need, fast, by utilizing an e-transfer system that can get you your funds in as soon as one day.

*Does Not Affect Your Credit Score

Information About E-Transfer Bad Credit Loans

     So, how do you know if a bad credit loan is the option for you? Well, bad credit loans are specifically designed for those with bad credit scores. If you recently tried to get approval for short-term financing and were rejected, your score may have been the reason for it; but with our network of lenders, your credit score may not be of concern because those in our network may look to your current-income stream instead to see if it offers you the potential to pay back loaned money. So with us, there is still hope for those with a poor credit history. Subsequently, besides lender access, Friendly Lender is also here to help you get your finances back on track; so be sure to check out our financial wellness section for information that may help you out with that.

Friendly Lender's Requirements for Obtaining E-Transfer Bad Credit Loans

     When you are looking to secure money quickly, you may be concerned about how you are going to secure the cash you need without delay. People may have a bad credit score, and may not be able to offer collateral to support their loan application; but with Friendly Lender, these issues are of no concern. Friendly Lender’s extensive network of lenders has produced millions of dollars worth of loans to people with bad credit, through e-transfer, to Canadians; and they did not necessarily have to perform a credit check, nor require any collateral. So rest assured, Friendly Lender can help you. 

Who is Eligible?

Information You Need to Provide to Friendly Lender

     To apply to conveniently receive a bad credit loan through e-transfer directly into your bank account, through Friendly Lender, here is the necessary information you must provide on our easy to navigate online application:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact information
  • Your birthdate
  • The amount of money you want to borrow; from $100 to $5,000
  • Your banking information
  • Your employment information

Getting to Know the Bad Credit Loan Application Process

   When you submit a bad credit loan application through Friendly Lender our lending network does not necessarily rely on your credit score, nor the security of collateral, to make a decision about you application. Instead, the information regarding your current form of employment and its income stream tend to be used to make a decision; which may include the review of your past pay stubs. What the lenders in Friendly Lender’s network are looking for is a regular flow of cash into your possession that demonstrates an ability for you to repay any funds you may receive from them. Additionally, be prepared for them to request information about your bank account so any loaned money can be deposited there quickly. 

Repaying E-Transfer Bad Credit Loans, with Friendly Lender

   One of the reasons that Friendly Lender has become a trusted source for securing e-transfer bad credit loans in Canada is because of the ease, and convenience it offers to its customers when it comes to loan repayment. After you accept a loan offer with a bad-credit lender in our network, you will be given a payment schedule that will offer you the option to spread out your loan repayments over a period of time; giving you the flexibility to accommodate your payments to your own financial capabilities. Plus, if you decide you want to pay off the balance of your loan in one lump-sum, there will be no penalty for it. And, to make things even easier for you, our lending network accepts their repayments digitally; so you can do it in the comfort, and privacy of your own home.