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     Friendly Lender is pleased to offer its customers fast, and secure access to the cash they need, with its highly popular installment loan option, offered through its professional bad-credit lending network. Say goodbye to lump-sum payments for short-term financing; and instead, rely on us to help you secure a loan where you will be allowed to pay off your balance over a period of time.

*Does Not Affect Your Credit Score

What is an E-Transfer Installment Loan?

     E-transfer installment loan products through Friendly Lender not only offer consumers the ease of securing short-term financing quickly, with loaned funds deposited directly into the recipient’s bank account via e-transfer; but it also allows those people to pay off the balance of their loan over a period of time; offering an accommodative means for one to meet their financial obligations; regardless of their credit history. The network of lenders that Friendly Lender works with require no collateral; and seek to provide a fast, secure service “24/7”; depositing loaned money directly into the recipient’s bank account in as soon as one day.

How Long Are you Given to Repay an E-Transfer Installment Loan?

     Depending on the amount loaned, the payment schedule from the lenders we work with will vary. Typically, though, you can expect a period of 90 days to repay the funds that you borrowed; but this period may increase, as schedules are affected by the size of the loan itself: meaning that the more money you borrow, the longer you may be given to repay those funds. Each of the lenders in Friendly Lender’s network stand ready “24/7” throughout the year in order provide you a convenient, secure, access to money, regardless of credit rating; and seek to offer you the convenience to address your financial obligations in a manner that best meets your financial ability after the loan is issued.

Loan Application Requirements for Installment Loans Through Friendly Lender

     Friendly Lender and its network of professional lenders take pride in being able to service those with a bad credit history, and those that have no collateral to offer to secure short-term financing. When applying for an installment loan through us using our easy to navigate online application, you will be required to provide your bank account information, so money can be deposited directly there after loan agreement; and your pay information from your current income source, which will be used in the review of your application. This can be done “24/7”; and if your loan application is approved, and you agree to it, you can have your funds in as soon as one day afterward.  

Who is Eligible?

Friendly Lender's Online Installment Loan Application

     To apply to conveniently receive an e-transfer installment loan through Friendly Lender, here is the information you can expect to provide us with on our easy to navigate, and secure loan application form:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact information
  • Your birthdate
  • The amount of money you want to borrow: from $100 to $5,000
  • Your banking information
  • Your employment information
     This can be done “24/7”; and you can expect an immediate response after you fill out our online form. And, if your loan application is accepted, and you agree to the offer, you may have your funds in as soon as one day, deposited directly into your bank account, via e-transfer.

Do E-Transfer Installment Loan Applications Receive Guaranteed Approval?

     When you apply for an installment loan through Friendly Lender, you can expect your application to be evaluated in a different manner than a conventional lender would when lending money; like a bank, for example. We work with lenders that do not necessarily rely on credit history when assessing loan applications. Instead, focus may be placed on information from your current income stream, to see if it demonstrates a potential for you to repay loaned money. For this reason, loan approval for those with a bad credit score can be much more likely than if an application were evaluated by conventional means. But, if approval for loans is a regular concern for you, we encourage you to check out and subscribe to our financial wellness blog for information to help get your finances, and credit score back on track.

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