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Payday Loans Ontario

Payday Loans In Ontario

When faced with unexpected expenses that happen between paycheques, you might consider online payday loans in Ontario with no hard credit check. These loans are considered short term loans that must be paid off within a couple of weeks, usually on or before your next payday. Payday loans have grown in popularity all over the world, as well as in Ontario due to their accessibility. Online payday loans in Canada are available to most who qualify, even if they have a bad credit history.

Online payday loans in Ontario are available in amounts of up to $1000, which can be borrowed for a period of two weeks. If you don’t pay off the loan on time, there is an interest that accumulates daily that will need to be paid within your repayment period or it will become additional charges that will go with the original amount.

Do payday loans in Ontario require a hard credit check?

There is no need to worry about payday loans and the hard credit check they entail. No personal information is attached to your payday loan application, so there’s no risk of your credit rating being damaged by taking out this form of fast cash. Quick Online payday loans in Ontario operate with complete confidentiality. 

How do payday loans work in Ontario?

Applying for payday loans online is simple and easy, with no paperwork required to be faxed or emailed back and forth between your payday lender and yourself. All you have to do is provide a few details, such as your name, address, phone number, email address and employment information. Depending on the payday loan company that’s been approved for you by Canada payday loans comparison websites, this may also include your income amount and source of employment. If you are receiving disability payments from the Ontario Government and are facing a sudden financial crunch, you may consider applying for ODSP payday loan. Once the payday loan lenders you’ve been approved by have notified you that they’re ready to deposit your payday loan in Ontario directly into your checking account. A payday loan can be used to cover any reasonable expense that comes up between pay periods, including the cost of an unexpected medical bill or the costs associated with car repairs.

Bad Credit Personal Loans In Ontario

You may be wondering if getting a payday loan is an option when you have a low credit score. Bad credit personal loans are designed for individuals who have a low credit score that limits their borrowing capacity. A bad credit loan, also called a personal loan with no hard credit verification, can help get you out of your sticky financial situation in spite of your poor credit rating.

Sudden bills come as a surprise, whether it’s a major vehicle repair, missed rent or credit card payments, or an unanticipated medical bill. When you don’t have the required credit to obtain your requested loan, you may feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. You should be aware that obtaining quick cash through a bank loan or another financial institution is not your only option. Assistance is accessible to everyone, and bad credit loans might be the answer for you if necessary. Before you decide to apply, you should understand that a bad credit loan is treated the same as any other personal loan. The borrowed amount must be repaid on time.

Applying for an online loan is as easy as 1-2-3

How it Works

Cities Where No Hard Credit Check Loans In Ontario are Provided

What You Can Use Your No-Credit-Check, No-Collateral E-Transfer Loan For


Need a vacation but are low on funds? Get up to $1,000 fast, and pack up for your next getaway.

Vehicle Repairs
Vehicle Repairs

Get the money you need, fast, to pay for vehicle repairs, with no hassle.

Upcoming Bills
Upcoming Bills

Worried about paying for rent; are your bills pilling up? Get the money you need, fast, at reasonable rates that are easy to afford.

House Repairs
House Repairs

Whether the issue is, plumbing; electrical… it doesn’t matter; we are here to help you secure a loan so you can pay for the repairs your house needs, hassle-free.

Ontario Payday Loans Law

Payday loan borrowers are protected under the Payday Loans Act of 2008. This law maintains that a borrower cannot be offered any goods or services related to the payday loan. A borrower always has the right to cancel their payday loan contract within 2 business days WITHOUT financial penalty and without providing a valid reason. Finally, this law also states that rollover payday loans are not permitted: one cannot obtain a payday loan from the same lender without having first paid off their initial loan in full.

Rules for Payday Lenders

When it comes to payday lending, the borrower must follow certain rules and regulations in order to comply with their loan terms. However, when it comes to the lender, they also have rules to respect. Payday lenders must be licensed with the Government of Ontario and respect the regulations fixed in the Payday Loans Act of 2008. Your lender must always include specific information on the first page of your loan contract that includes: the borrowed amount, the length of the loan (in number of days) and the amount to be charged in order to borrow the requested sum. Your lender does not have the right to request or accept loan repayment through automatic paycheque deduction, or assignment of wages. Your lender has a responsibility to keep you properly informed and must offer you a flyer as well as display a poster describing the costs over time of requesting a payday loan. Even if you haven’t respected the terms of loan repayment, you should know that your lender doesn’t have the right to contact you more than three times per week and may not contact you on holidays. They have no right to contact your spouse, relatives, friends or neighbours. They may not contact your employer(s) or acquaintances at any time, for any reason. This also means that your lender cannot use threatening or intimidating language when they contact you, nor can they use unreasonable measures of pressure to force you to pay. Your lender is not allowed to process your post-dated or pre-authorized cheque more than once, especially if this results in your financial institution charging you extra fees for insufficient funds or overdrafts. Keep in mind that if this does occur, you have every right to recover these financial amounts from your lender and this annuls the responsibility of paying the cost of borrowing the loan.

Extended Payment Plan

The option for an extended payment plan also exists as of the July 1, 2018. If you request and receive three loans within a 63 day period, the lender must provide you with this option. Entering into an extended payment plan allows you to make prepayments any time you like, incurring an extra charge or penalty. It also gives you the right to end the extended payment plan at any given time without being penalized. In almost all cases, a borrower has the right to repay their loan in equal instalments over multiple pay periods. The amount paid per period is determined by how frequently you receive your paycheque. Whether you are paid on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, your payment installments must be scheduled over at least two paydays and the maximum amount of each payment is 50% of the combined total of the loan and the cost of borrowing.