Friendly Lender

When you are in a financial “crunch” and have a bad credit score, and no collateral to use to secure short-term financing in between paydays, Friendly Lender is here to help you get the money you need, “24/7”; as it specializes in serving those with a bad credit history, no matter what; requiring no collateral in the online loan application process. Securing a loan through us means you will receive outstanding customer support, “24/7”; and a fast, secure delivery of loaned money, through e-transfer. Friendly Lender also strives to offer you the resources you need to improve your finances, with a financial wellness section that is updated regularly; offering financial information that is geared to help get your finances back in order.

Who is Eligible?


Will a Bad Credit History Affect my Loan Application?

     The trusted lenders that Friendly Lender works with specialize in providing short-term loans, “24/7”, and do not necessarily require a credit check. The evaluation process of the lenders we work with is unlike that used by conventional lenders, like a bank, for example; so credit history is not necessarily that important to them when they evaluate a loan application. So if you are in need of money and have a bad credit score, do not let that hold you back from applying through us, now.

Do I Need to Offer Collateral to Secure a Loan with One of Your Lenders?

     Unlike other lenders, who may require collateral such as a car; jewelry; or even your home; Friendly Lender and our bad-credit lending network require no collateral in order to provide you with money, “24/7”; at Friendly Lender we want satisfied customers, not their belongings.

I Cannot Afford to Pay my Bills in Between Paydays; How Much Money Can I Borrow Through Friendly Lender?

     Regardless of credit history, Friendly Lender offers its customers a chance to secure a loan, for an amount in the range of $100 to $5,000; “24/7.” The lenders with which we work specialize in issuing these funds quickly for you, and may even be able to have your money deposited directly into your bank account via e-transfer within one day of your approval of the loan they offer you.

Are There Any Fees Associated with The Loans Your Lender's Approve?

     When you apply for a loan through Friendly Lender in search of a solution to the obstacles created by your bad credit history, you can expect certain fees to be attached to the offer, which may include, for example, an insufficient funds fee. Be sure to review the loan offer information before agreeing to it, as it will lay out all charges that are expected to be paid after your acceptance of the money. Funds will then be deposited directly into your bank account via e-transfer after acceptance.

What Information is Used to Evaluate Loan Applications; and is the Loan Application Process Secure?

   The Friendly Lender online loan application is easy to navigate, and is designed with your security in mind: employing required web technology that ensures your information is not compromised while you use its service. When applying, two of the most important pieces of information you will need to provide us with is your employment information from your current source of income, so your application can be evaluated against it; and your banking information, which will be used to transfer any loaned money directly to you via e-transfer. We strive to offer you ease, and security when applying for a loan through us.

How Fast Can I Get The Money That I Have Been Approved For?

     Friendly Lender recognizes that when your finances are tight any delay in receiving financial assistence from a short-term loan can make things even worse. That is why we go to ensure that each bad credit, no collateral application we receive, is serviced immediately. The lending process of our professional lending network involves fast transfers of loaned money via an e-transfer system, where the loaned funds are deposited directly into your bank account in as soon as one day; so you do not have to worry about extra hassles from a bank and any processing that would be required from cashing a cheque. We offer fast, secure service, “24/7”; and go to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

If I Fill Out Your Online Loan Application, am I Obliged to Accept an Approved Loan Offer?

     Absolutely not! At any time after you complete our easy to navigate, and secure online application, and have not explicitly entered into an agreement with a lender in our lending network in regards to it, you are free to “walk away” from your loan request. At Friendly Lender we are here to help you; if you no longer need our help, we are glad to hear that and hope all continues to go well for you.