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No Credit Check Personal Loans Guaranteed Approval Canada

It’s time to face the facts: Canadians CAN be approved for no credit check personal loans. Growing rapidly in Canada, non-credit-investigation loans compete with standard loans from banks and large financial institutions – especially in terms of speed and simplicity. There is no credit investigation of your creditworthiness; however, you’ll be required to demonstrate that you have the financial capacity to repay your loan.

Alternatives to Credit Investigations

Private personal lenders might not perform a credit check, but they do verify the risk of lending to you through some other form of assessment. Without having to provide proof of credit score, you’ll generally be required to provide AT LEAST one document listed below:

1. Bank Statements
A bank statement is a common form of proof requested by no credit check personal loan lenders. This allows your private lender to take a look at your spending in ratio to your income on a monthly basis. It’s not a bad thing – your lender just wants to make sure you can actually afford additional financing. If your debt to income ratio is already too high, you might just see yourself refused for your loan application. Providing a bank statement is very simple but the following 3 methods are the most common:

Instant Bank Verification (IBV). This service is widely provided through several different programs. IBV is a simple process in which you log into your bank account through your lenders program and it will automatically put general pictures in order to build a report. In other words, the no credit check lender won’t see your bank account directly, but the report instead.
Electronic Declarations. No matter who you do your banking with, you can access an electronic declaration through your online banking portal.
Not too internet savvy? No problem. Go back to basics and fax your bank statement directly.
Documents Confirming Your Income
Your no credit check personal loans lender might offer guaranteed approval, but you’ll have to provide proof of income. Without verifying your credit score, your private lender still wants to ensure that you can pay them back as per your repayment plan. Generally speaking, private lenders want to make sure you’re receiving regular income because they don’t want to cause you more financial difficulties. Simply put, having a sustainable income is of utmost importance.

Using Warranties
Poor credit score? Bad financial history? This can affect your chances of obtaining the loan you need so much. If this is your case, don’t hesitate to put up collateral when applying for your no credit check personal loan. When offering a warranty, often property of some sort, a credit check becomes useless. If you need several thousand dollars, offering collateral is a good way to get approved because collateral protects the lender. Even more appealing, you can even be accepted for a higher amount!

Applying for an Online Loan is easy as 1-2-3

How it works?

Lenders Who Don't Check Your Credit Rating

You, or anyone else for that matter, aren’t going to obtain a loan from a bank or financial institution without a credit check. All in all, it’s necessary because this is the method used to determine risk and creditworthiness. Before applying, check your score and if it isn’t great, you should probably think of avoiding that route altogether. Instead, apply for a fast, short-term loan from a no credit check personal loans lender and know that you are guaranteed approval with the following lenders:

  • Alternative lenders. Usually found by searching the internet, these lenders will work with you despite having been refused by the bank in the past.
  • Private lenders. Their lending guidelines differ from those demanded at the bank.
  • Specialized lenders. A specialized lender is a private lender offering specific loans, such as a mortgage loan or a car loan.

Who is Eligible?

Getting Approved

When it comes to a no credit check personal loans private lender, you can rest assured that your approval is based on much more than just your credit score. It doesn’t matter what kind of financial difficulties you’ve faced in the past – thanks to a private lender, only very few people see their request refused. There are solutions out there for you, and they are more numerous than you think. No matter your borrowing needs, there’s a loan – and a lender – out there for you.