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Payday Loans vs. Installment Loans: What’s the Difference?

Do you need a payday loan or an installment loan? Which one works better for you? Discover why an installment loan might actually be a better option.

Payday Loans

As the name suggests, payday loans are organized around your payday schedule. Typically short-term and high-interest, these loans need to be repaid within two paydays, on average. If you’re unable to make your payments on time, you may be charged additional interest and fees.

While the payday schedule provides some predictability, you usually have less time to repay the loan. If you take out multiple payday loans, you may struggle to repay them all. You could get stuck in a payday loan repayment cycle over a prolonged period of time.

Installment Loans

By contrast, installment loans are typically provided for a longer period of time. You may pay a lower overall interest rate. If you avoid the need to take out multiple payday loans, you may instead focus on repaying a single installment loan. You are likely going to need funds for a longer period of time, so why not go with an installment loan instead?

The lenders in our network offer loans that range from $500-$5,000. Terms typically range from 4 months to 24 months or longer. If you have bad credit and an urgent need for cash, Friendly Lender is a good option. Traditional lenders like the big banks will take a close look at your credit history. Friendly Lender won’t. That’s one more reason to choose Friendly Lender.

If you wish to check your credit score or credit report, use Credit Verify! Registration takes only a few minutes. Go to Credit Verify to learn more.


Payday loans have drawbacks. An installment loan may serve you better in the long run. If you’re ever in need of online installment loans for bad credit, consider Friendly Lender! You could get online loans no credit check via Friendly Lender.

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