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A poor credit score can really shut the door, so to speak, on the many financial opportunities available to you. Indeed, from getting car loans to renting an apartment and even obtaining a low-rate credit card—all of these things require a relatively ‘good’ credit score.

If you are among the thousands of individuals who find their credit score lower than they would like, fear not—there are ways to effectively increase your credit score.

Increase your credit score by paying off all credit card debts

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that some of the most common reasons people find themselves with low credit scores are often linked to bad credit card habits. Indeed, in most cases, low credit ratings result from overspending, or spending more than you can realistically pay back in a short period of time.

While many events can lead to the accumulation of debt (losing your job, car repairs, medical expenses, etc.), it is important to repay your credit card debt as soon as possible. Besides borrowing from friends and family members to pay off your credit card debt, taking out a small loan without credit check can, in certain cases, actually help you pay off your credit debt.

You could be very surprised to find out how much you could get out of such a loan!

With the possibility of lower interest rates, these short-term loans can help relieve some of the debt you’ve accumulated, quickly making life without any credit card debt a reality. The bottom line is: increasing your credit score is impossible with existing debt.

Don’t delay any longer and pay off your credit cards as soon as possible.

If necessary, apply for a fast cash advance without any credit check now!

Completely pay off your credit card bill each month to maintain a good credit score

Using your credit card for important purchases can be a good way to maintain a good credit score. Be careful to pay the due amount in its entirety at each month though as too often choosing to pay the minimum amount can lead to a quick decrease of your credit score.

Let’s say that you have a credit card limit of $1,500 and every month you spend close to a thousand in credit. Your credit company sees this as you using 2/3 of your credit limit on a consistent basis and categorizes you as a “big spender”.  If you don’t pay the entire due amount at the end of each month, you may build up a reputation as an “over spender”

While credit card use can be necessary for certain purchases, using it sparingly (i.e. less often) can have a positive impact on your credit score.

Raise your credit limit to improve your credit score

Asking your credit card company to raise the credit limit on your cards/accounts is a great way to increase your credit score, provided that you don’t also increase your spending habits. Increasing your limit from $1,500 to $3,000 makes it so your monthly spending habits appear to take up less of your total credit limit.

If you are not successful in getting your credit card company to increase your credit limit, don’t get discouraged!

You can ask again in the following 3-6 months (often, banks and other institutions won’t agree to increase your limit on the first try).


Increasing your credit score means eliminating all pre-existing debt, while also using your credit card intelligently. While life can defy our expectations from time to time, staying on top of your personal finances and using your card wisely are important factors for increasing your credit score.

For any questions regarding quick online loans or to get more details on how Friendly Lender could help you in increasing your overall credit score, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts today!