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Many people assume everyone who applies for loans online must have some sort of grave financial instability. This is most often untrue, as there are many different types of people with diverse needs that apply for online loans every day.

In this article, you will learn about four kinds of people that use cash advances for a variety of reasons. You might find a few surprises along the way!

Small Business Owners Get a Loan Online

Small business owners diligently work long hours to manage their business finances and keep everything in order. When they are in need of a little extra cash flow, they may opt for a micro-business loan without a credit check.

Why? You may ask.

Their reasoning is usually quite simple: traditional banks don’t like to lend small amounts and young entrepreneurs don’t want to take out sums of money that surpass the amount they need to give their tiny business a boost. Therefore, they often feel getting a loan online is a safer option.

There are, of course, other reasons these individuals may opt for online loans:

  • Manufacturing a sample model to show investors
  • Convenience and time management
  • Limited restrictions and easy approval
  • Starting a micro-business and lacking funds

Young couples getting married

Another common type of online loan applicant is the young couple about to get married. The cost of marriage in Canada is often way out of young couples’ budgets and can put a serious dent in your finances or force you to borrow money from friends and family, which can be embarrassing.

Everything from the venue rental fees to food services and wedding photographer can quickly add up and leave a young couple overwhelmed and unable to enjoy their special day. For this reason, many soon-to-be newlyweds get a loan online to cover expenses.

Home Renovators

As many homeowners know, unexpected home renovations quickly become a regular occurrence. When blindsided by emergency home improvements, a fast online cash advance is a simple to way to stay within your monthly budget and gain the extra time needed to manage your expenses.

But home renovators don’t simply get a loan online for emergencies. They may also opt for a quick loan to:

  • Help increase the resale value of their home
  • Modernize a bedroom
  • Implement energy efficient changes
  • Make small safety improvements


Every young person can benefit greatly from travelling the world and experiencing different cultures. Unfortunately, for many of them, taking a dream vacation to another continent is financially unattainable.

Vacation expenses are of the biggest reasons people are turning to online loans for quick cash. We’re only young once and having the financial resources needed to explore the world at a young age is more important than ever for many individuals.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, not everyone who needs to get a loan online is someone with, for example, bad credit issues. Although that is a valid reason to apply for a loan as well!

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