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5 Common Reasons to get an Emergency Loan

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Life has a tendency to throw us some unexpected curveballs. Some of them may require you to withdraw funds that you may not have saved up in the first place.

To face these financial troubles that pop up seemingly out of nowhere, we sometimes have to turn to alternative financing sources such as a payday loan. In the case of dealing with personal loans from a bank, this can be especially frustrating if you have a bad credit rating.

Fortunately, services such as the one we offer here at Friendly Lender can help people in urgent need to get back on their feet. Here are 5 common reasons that people require an emergency loan in unexpected circumstances.

Emergency loan for medical expenses

In the event of a medical emergency, unexpected costs can hit us by surprise. These could be any extra hospital bills, expenses for medical treatments or dental charges.

Since our health is important above all else, requesting an emergency loan in the event of medical need is very common, especially if you don’t have insurance.


Emergency repairs for vehicles, home appliances or electronics are other extremely common reasons to request a personal loan. Having access to a car is a requirement for many people to earn a living and if it breaks down, an emergency loan presents a quick solution to get it back up and running again.

As for other repairs, electronics can be unreliable and have short lifespans, while other things in your home may require immediate fixing like a leaky faucet or malfunctioning dishwasher. These appliances are things people have to use everyday and without any expendable cash in the bank, an emergency loan is something many consider.

Home renovations

Making important renovations to your home is another commonly seen problem that can often require an emergency loan. Many homeowners understand the feeling of always having something that needs to be done to improve the house.

If you are planning on moving in the near future, everything from applying a fresh coat of paint to renovating a deck can require your immediate attention to boost the sale price of your home. Instead of waiting forever, many people decide that a personal loan is the right option for them.

Unpaid bills and debt

Most people have bills to pay and debts they want to get rid of as quickly as possible. Unwanted delays can occur due to anything from poor financial management to an unforeseen job loss.

Rather than allowing the debt to pile up, people regularly turn to emergency loans as a solution. Short-term financial relief in the form of a loan can be just what many people need to get their bills and debt back in order.


Some reasons for taking out an emergency loan are less stress-related than others. Exploring the world can be costly and many young people will seek the help of a personal loan to help cover their travel expenses.

Summing up

There are numerous reasons one might seek to acquire an emergency loan and this article hopefully shows just how varied they can be. When used for the right reasons, a personal loan can take a great weight off your shoulders.

If you wish to apply for an emergency loan or you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our specialists so we can help you with all your personal loan needs.

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