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Specializing in helping hardworking people across Alberta, Canada meet their financial needs, Friendly Lender is here to help you easily; pay bills; cover unexpected costs between paydays; and even give you access to extra cash for non-essential purchases. Even if you have a bad credit score, we work hard to find lenders that understand your financial situation; working to offer those with a bad credit history easy access to cash “24/7”; crafting payment plans that are designed around your individual financial needs. This is why Calgary; Edmonton; Red Deer; and the rest of the province of Alberta has allowed us to provide them with millions of dollars worth of funding; they have come to trust the easy access to cash that we provide. Plus, we go to ensure ultimate loan satisfaction by offering all of our loan products through e-transfer; so the “money you need now” is there “before you know it." Life can be hard enough, let us make things easier for you: reliably lending you money fast, so “life” does not slow you down.

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Friendly Lender Specializes in Providing Alberta, with Money Quickly

Payday-Alternative Loans
Payday-Alternative Loans

When you are in need of cash quickly and payday is too far away to cover your expenses, look to Friendly Lender and you could receive a lump-sum payment as soon as tomorrow!*


Learn About Payday Loans
Alberta Child and Family Benefit  Loans
Alberta Child and Family Benefit Loans

Offering low income families in Alberta a fast, covenient access to cash to help pay their bills when their Alberta Child and Family Benefit payment falls short of doing so.

Learn About Benefit Loans
Installment Loans
Installment Loans

Take the hastle out of loan repayment with Friendly Lender’s instalment plan option. Pay back your loan when you can, according to how much you can afford. We strive to offer stress-free lending

Learn About Installment Loans
AISH Loans
AISH Loans

If your payment from the Alberta Income for the Severely Handicapped has been delayed or does not cover the cost of your expenses, don’t worry. Our lenders are ready to take on AISH recipients in order to help them out of a “tight” situation.

Learn About AISH Loans
Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Loans

We recognize that bad credit may make it harder to pay your bills. That is why the lender’s offer no credit-cheque services; helping you to meet your financial needs.


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E-Transfer Loans
E-Transfer Loans

Loaning made simple. We provide our customers with easy access to their cash via e-transfer so they can use their money, with practically no delay.

Learn About E-Transfer Loans

* Approved loans will typically be funded the next business day. Note that errors in your application, particularly with bank routing and account numbers, will impact the lender’s ability to fund and cause delays. In some cases, a customer service representative may contact you to verify your information before approving your request for a loan

Why Alberta Chooses Friendly Lender for E-Transfer, and Other Types of Loans

Working with a Network of Lending Professionals, Getting You the Best Rate Possible.

Friendly Lender works with many lenders to help give you access to cash quickly. They work to serve those with bad credit scores, and even offer installment payment options to help make repayment easier, after you get your funds quickly through e-transfer to your bank account.

Next-Day Availability

Those that have submitted applications that get fully approved and verified are usually funded the following business day; but please be sure to make yourself available by phone and email in case one of our lenders require more information from you. Once that is done, they will send yo a a lump-sum e-transfer payment.

No Credit Check, and "24/7" Service

Friendly Lender works hard “24/7” to find lending professionals that do not require a credit check or collateral, to provide loans fast: instead, these lenders rely on your banking, and employment information, to help you get money quickly. No matter the time or day, you can rely that Friendly Lender will help you get the money you need, quickly.

Quick Approval

Our fast and easy application process provides you with immediate confirmation, and industry leading service that guides those who were approved for a no-credit-check loan, through all necessary steps to help give them access to cash quickly. Once this process is complete, your funds will be deposited into your bank account by e-transfer. It is that easy.

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Friendly Lender’s, fast e-transfer loan service is an easy, and secure way to access cash; even with bad credit. You can get up to $1,000 within 24 hours of submitting your application!

What Our Customers Say

"Friendly lender was able to help when my bank wasn't. They got my family through tough situation. I can't be more thankful to them."
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